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Running out of things to say

We all knew this day would come eventually, the day when I run out of things to ramble about. Luckily for you, the title was actually just clickbait. Too bad I don’t work for CNN, because that was fake news. About as fake as margarine. My foods teacher last year told me that margarine is only a few molecules away from plastic. So don’t throw it in fire, otherwise you’ll be polluting the earth. It can’t be as bad as cigarettes though. Big tobacco is just too large of an industry to be taken down by the earth’s atmosphere and its problems with pollution.

I watched The Insider with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe and it details the kind of threat and extortion that people go through whenever they disagree with people in high managerial positions. Corporate executives are evil and stuff. Or at least they were in this case. I don’t believe all that big corporation being evil and bringing us down oppression stuff. There’s something stuck between my teeth, and it feels like a strand of some sort. It could be hair, but I doubt it. That’d be pretty disgusting. I just ate lunch at Qdoba with my dad, and their food isn’t terrible.

Their queso is awesome, though. I always get a wet burrito, where they put the sauce on top of your burrito, because that way it isn’t super dry or anything. However, they aren’t better than super taqueria. Super taqueria has the best chicken chimichangas that don’t come with sauce on them. There’s a place downtown called The Cantina that makes really good chimichangas, but they put a sauce on to that resembles an enchilada sauce and it makes them taste amazing. I could ramble for hours and hours without rime or reason. That’s pretty much what I do for these blog posts. Nobody cares about anything that I have to say usually, but it could just be that I’m not much of a talker. One thing that I do talk about openly is how good of a miami hood cleaning service there is to be honest.