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Month: September 2016

Working on websites for a Sacramento Hood Cleaning Service

Working on websites for a Sacramento Hood Cleaning Service

The roughest business category that I’ve ever worked in is Sacramento hood cleaning service company.  Holy crap!  You’d think that I was trying to rank Plastic Surgeons in Beverly Hills!  I mean, seriously.  I have a hood cleaner that has a 10 year track record of doing good work.  Hell of a nice guy and he only hires people of high integrity, but you’d think he had the plague when it comes to getting his site to rank in Google.  And to be honest – I really wish that small, local businesses did not have to rely on Google so much for their advertising.  Adwords is extremely expensive and has a tough ROI.  And just organically ranking is so hard to do.

So anyway, this is just a rant.  I’m not throwing out solutions.  Mainly because I’m not sure what a 100% solution looks like.  I mean, if I had a solution that would work for a plumber in Reno, I’d be the guy going after plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills!

I have ranked other things very well.  I did a hood cleaning site in Austin that rocketed to the top of the search engines.  It showed movement in the second week of optimizing content.  But, my Sacramento hood cleaner is staying flat and has even moved backwards a little. Solutions?  Tips?  I’ve tried them all.  The ‘tried and true’ methods that I normally apply for a client seem to fall short.

My plan was to pick about 25 long tail keywords that make sense for a Sacramento Hood Cleaner to have, and then build content that was tuned to that.  Also, adding back pages that related specifically to the plumbing industry with links peppered throughout the site.  Done.  No movement. At least no positive movement.  So, I moved onto getting more citation sites to link to him.  Still slow to work.  Next, I went after having links from influential sites back to his.  He actually already had quite a few in comparison with his competitors – but additional influence links seems to still be having no affect.

I have a friend that says that you don’t want to take on prize fighters in the SEO game.  Rather, find 3rd graders and knock them out.  I certainly thought I was taking on 3rd graders with hood cleaners in Sacramento, but apparently, I’ve been right hooked by a really big dude.